Frasma Srl build complete condensers using different technologies:

  • aluminium/copper
  • steel/copper
  • aluminium/aluminium

“Tube and fin” system technology allows to maintain and increase a very important level of heat exchange basing on application and considering prices too this last one much more cheap compared to similar system technologies.
You can find many field and application with this technology, from medical devices to the industrial refrigeration (refrigerator group for example) and in feed too (water and air depuration, cooling, heating, drying, ecc.).
This kind of product is very flexible because can be realized on standard version with relative low design costs, on the other side you can create many building and dimensional possibilities.
Complete product, made on customer requests, can be fulfilled with an air conveyor, different kind of fans (powered from an electric motor 12V, 24V, 220V), pumps, filters, thermostats, expansion tanks, rigid or flexible junctions, feet, ecc.
The condenser can be realized basing on a drawing, sample and in small quantities.


ELECTROMEDICAL: continuous use, sterile environment, reduced manteinance
ELECTRONICS: sterile environment, reduced manteinance, without interruptions, poor or no manteinance
INDUSTRIAL: intense and continuous use, heavy load conditions


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