Air-oil heat exchangers, made in aluminium technology, are realized with “Plate & Bar” system and corrugated fins, also available in different profiles.
Frasma’s Srl heat exchangers represents the perfect solution to cool endothermic motors, but can be used to cool hydraulic units and compressors field too.
This kind of heat exchanger could be made basing on specific request and completed with frame, air conveyor, different kind of fans (actuated by electric motor or hydraulic motor), thermostats, expansion tanks, rigid or flexible junctions, feet, ecc.
Standard heat exchanger version is always available on stock but can be done basing on request of customer.


AIRPORT: intense and continuous use
AGRICOLTURE: dusty work environment
BUILDING: continuous use, heavy load conditions
ELECTROMEDICAL: continuous use, sterile environment, reduced manteinance
ELECTRONICS: sterile environment, reduced manteinance, without interruptions, poor or no manteinance
POWER: continuous use, without interruptions, high outdoor working temperatures
FORESTRY: intense and continuous use, heavy load conditions, strongly clogged environment, high variability of environmental conditions
INDUSTRIAL: intense and continuous use, heavy load conditions
MINING: intense and continuous use, heavy load conditions, hostile work environment
CARGO HANDLING: intense and continuous use, heavy load conditions, corrosive atmosphere
TRANSPORT: intense and continuous use


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