Shell and tube heat exchangers are made with two main parts:
1. external side, called “shell”, made with carbon steel, stainless steel or brass;
2. internal tubes, called “tube bundle”, made with copper (soft water purposes), CuNi or stainless steel (sea water).
These kind of shell and tube heat exchangers of Frasma Srl can be placed on feed, industrial and on vessel field to cool or heat two different kind of fluids well separated (example oil/water, water/steam, exc.)
Shell and tube heat exchangers are available on standard version or customized as it follows :
– not inspection;
– inspection on water side with removable heat exchanger
It is also available a customized building basing on drawing or sample, basing on small or single quantity.


POWER: continuous use, without interruptions, high outdoor working temperatures
INDUSTRIAL: intense and continuous use, heavy load conditions
MARINE: intense and continuous use, corrosive atmosphere, high variability of environmental conditions


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