Frasma Srl is able to produce and develop radiators and heat exchangers for big plants, giving the best solutions basing on specific needs, installations and heat exchange requested.
Complete radiators for important plants, could be realized with “linear” tube in copper/brass fins (in line tube – LTL system or staggered fins – System LTI), or with aluminium technology (“Plate & Bar” system).
Whatever will be the best solution needed, complete water radiators made by Frasma Srl has the building peculiarity to resist to high pressures thanks to big thicknesses and raw material chosen together with spare parts (frames, conveyor, HEADPLATES, tanks, ecc.).
These kind of radiators, even on single quantity, could be made basing on specific request and completed with frame, air conveyor, different kind of fans (actuated by electric motor or hydraulic motor), thermostats, expansion tanks, rigid or flexible junctions, feet, ecc.


AGRICOLTURE: dusty work environment, continuous use, high ambient temperatures
ELECTRONICS: sterile environment, reduced manteinance, without interruptions, poor or no manteinance
POWER: continuous use, without interruptions, high outdoor working temperatures
INDUSTRIAL: intense and continuous use, heavy load conditions
TELECOMUNICATIONS: continuous use, high variability of environmental conditions


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